Meet The Doctor

Dr. Douglas Hinterman


Was born in Detroit in the tumultuous year of 1968 (Tigers won the World Series!), raised in Flint, attended college in Ann Arbor, and has been happily settled in the Lansing area since 1995. His father is also a general dentist. As a baby, Dr. H used to sit in his high chair and watch his father do his Dental School labwork (carving teeth out of wax, etc.). Apparently it had an effect...


Bachelors and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from University of Michigan, Former instructor at the University of Michigan Dental School, Represented Michigan and Wisconsin to the American Dental Association Committee on the New Dentist, Michigan Dental Association member liason to the Committee on Public Relations, former chair of Central District Dental Society Ethics Committee, graduate of the USDI Orthodontic training program (orthodontic training for general and pediatric dentists).


Playing saxophone and guitar, swimming, golf and skiing. Enjoys northern Michigan in all of it's 4 beautiful seasons. Mostly loves spending time with Christi and the 4 teenagers and young adult children with all of their expanding interests and pursuits.